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Org./Park Name:Devils Tower/Black Hills KOA
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    Date of Review: 07-24-2020

    Hours worked per week/person: Less than 20 hours

    Organization Type: Public

    Job Title: Front Desk

    Did you receive Wages or Stipend ?: Yes

    Please share your comments about your experience : June 2019, I posted in the Workampers forum on FB, that we were looking to head to the Sturgis Area for the summer and was looking for a Workamper position. Andrea, from Devils Tower, Black Hills KOA said they were looking for Workampers and I provided her a resume. At the time our Toy Hauler was at the Heartland Factory having repairs made with a scheduled completion date of July 3rd. I believed we would have the work completed and we would have no problem arriving on July 15th. The agreement was that I would arrive July 15th and work till possibly October. Andrea sent a contract with the specifics which included a 50 Amp site. I called Andrea and told her my primary concern was shade. I know it’s hot and I don’t want to be sitting out in the sun roasting. She replied that they have lots of trees and plenty of shade. During this time Heartland changed my completion date to July 6th or 7th. I kept Andrea updated on changes and still felt I could be there July 15th. They then changed it to July 10th , I updated Angela and said I could still make the 15th. We finished up some family matters and my wife and I started the 1,148 mile trip to Devils Tower, Black Hills KOA. To make it on time we drove longer then normal days and passed things we planned on seeing on the way out to make sure we arrived on July 15th. Andrea had sent me a text letting me know to contact Zannie, as she would not be there. We arrived early afternoon of July 15th, met Zannie and were shown to our workamper site, number 18. Number 19 was out of service with electrical issues and 17 and 16 were occupied. I plugged in my surge protector and it indicated low voltage and displayed 107 and would not allow me power up my RV. I went back to the office and spoke with Zannie about the electrical issue and she said she would contact the electrician. I returned to site 18 and checked the 30 amp and it checkout out OK. I plugged in, advised Zannie and said I work with the Electrician the next day. July 16th the electrician arrived and explained there are 19 sites on the single electrical leg. When any of the first 17 sites use electricity is draws down power and by the time it gets to site 18 it results in low voltage and it would not be corrected until fall. I advised Zannie of what the electrician said. Odgen, her husband and co-owner would be in that evening and we would get it straightened out. I started work, July 16th and found out that Ogden had been delayed and wouldn’t be in until July 17th and we would get it straightened out. July 17th my weather station indicated it was 104 degrees in the sun and our 44 foot toy hauler, only able to run on a single AC was in the high 80’s. Odgen was delayed and would not be in until the morning of July 18th and we would get it straightened out. I sent Andrea a text as she was going to be there the 17th as well, however she replied she would be in at 10:00 am July 18th, asking if everything was OK. I replied that it could wait until she arrived in the morning. Andrea replied that she would be sure to find me. During this time I spoke with the workamper on site 17 and he advised me he had been having electrical issues since he arrived. He stated the electrician told him the issue must be with his RV, even though he had a low voltage reading. He told me his AC shuts off many times during the day. The workamper on site 18 is only running a 30 amp hook up and her surge protector shows reverse polarity and had already burned up one surge protector. Site 19 had already been taken out of service for electrical issues and site 20 is on a different line. July 18th I went to the office at about 8:00 am looking for Ogden and he was eating breakfast. I was told he was going to finish breakfast, attend a meeting and then he would try to accommodate me. I returned to site 18 and waited. I waited until after 11:00, when I had not heard from anybody I picked a site across from 18 that had an operable 50 amp service and partial shade. I told the worker at the desk about the move. I was told Andrea was in the office and I went down stairs to speak with her about the lack of a 50 amp site and shade. I was told that I could not remain on the site that I chose. I told them I had checked and there were several other sites that had a 50 amp hookup and shade and that I would be more then willing to move to any of them. I was told I could not, that I would have to move out into the open area. When I mentioned that I was told I would have shade Andrea denied that she told me I would have shade on my site. I asked her if she remembered the conversation on the phone where I told her my biggest concern was having shade that I did not want to be out roasting in the sun and that her response was that they have lots of trees and plenty of shade. Andrea acknowledged she told me there were lots of trees and plenty of shade, but she did not specifically tell me I would have shade. During this time Ogden had arrived in the office. There was some chit chat about various options that would require me to remain on a 30 amp service until they could repair a 50 amp service however I would not have a shaded site. I again stated drove over 1,000 miles arrived as agreed and I expected them to honor their agreement. Ogden said I will take the site given or I can leave. I told Ogden I would leave, however I expected to be compensated for my costs in coming to their KOA. He advised me I would not be compensated. There was discussion between us about elevated voices and I acknowledge I was speaking loudly. Not only was Ogden or the KOA not honoring their agreement, but Andrea was out right lying. It cost me time, money and wear on my equipment and I expected a professional organization such as KOA to honor their agreement. Additionally they let me honor my part of the agreement when they already knew they had electrical issues in the workamper section of the camp. I was speaking loudly, as was Ogden, however I was not hostile or threatening, but I was irritated by the whole situation. I was having a discussion with Zannie, Ogden interjected and I made it very clear that I wasn’t speaking to him at the time and he then told me to get out of his office and off the property. I told him I was not moving until I received compensation for my time and gas to drive out there. Ogden stated he would call the Sheriff and I advised him to do so. The Sheriff Dept did come out and eventually I was advised I would have to leave. I packed my RV and complied. Just passing this along to my fellow workampers. My experience with the Devils Tower, Black Hills KOA is that Zannie is a wonderful person to work with, but is not the decision maker. Andrea is a liar and if a man is only as good as his word, Ogden isn’t much of a man. While Ogden didn’t coordinate this agreement, people who represent him did. Authority can be transferred, but not responsibility. These are things you may want to consider or protect yourself against if you are considering working for this KOA.

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