Hidden Valley RV Park  

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Organization Type:Private
Org./Park Name:Hidden Valley RV Park
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  • 2.0Review Rating

    Date of Review: 04-24-2020

    Hours worked per week/person: 20 to 30 hours

    Organization Type: Private

    Job Title: Office & Maintenance

    Did you receive Wages or Stipend ?: No

    Please share your comments about your experience : Found the job on a non Workcamper site. We emailed the owner through there to see if position was available. She responded and we emailed for days on the position and then we talked to each other on the phone. We sent our resume to her. We discussed the hours, job description, what they offer us and we even explicitly told them both on the phone that we do no clean. We continued to state that we chose not to clean. We arrived early for the job. Got a large enough space. The place if very dusty, as the road was being used for construction, but would not allow us to wash our rigs. We did a day of going over things. We expressed while she was showing the bathrooms and housing that we told them prior to hiring us that we do not clean restrooms or housing. We clean up after ourselves and the office, as to look nice for quests. So we were in the job about a month when they asked us to sit and talk. The female owner expressed she wanted us to start cleaning the restrooms. We again stated we had express this continuously both prior to hire and the first month. They became rude. She started to change how she did things in the office without telling me. When I left her a message in the office or on her phone, she stated she never got it. We worked 4 months as they stated they had other Workampers coming in early, so we chose to let them have the job and we gave our two week notice and left.

    Did you receive any special benefits or perks while workamping? : No


    TV Antenna Reception
    Satellite TV Reception

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