Bluewater RV Resort  

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Organization Type:Private
Org./Park Name:Bluewater RV Resort
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  • 1.0Review Rating

    Date of Review: 06-30-2020

    Hours worked per week/person: 20 to 30 hours

    Organization Type: Private

    Job Title: Office/maintenance

    Did you receive Wages or Stipend ?: Yes

    Please share your comments about your experience : As we were being trained the other workampers warned us that the owners lived across the bay and would watch with binoculars, If they saw you not working they would come over and ask you why you are not doing anything. we were told by several of the work campers that this was even if you're on lunch break. Where warned that if we saw his truck pull in the front gate we were to start working whether we were on lunch break or not. We didn't really pay attention to it because we thought maybe it was faulty information, however the one day we were there his truck pulled into the parking lot and everybody started scattering! they all got nervous even the managers were running around all crazy acting nervous and being scared about stuff. There was a another couple that was fired while we were there, when they were fired they told us the manager did not bring both in to fire only the wife, and kept calling her a liar and when she would try to respond they just said they dont care your a liar. She said she didn't know what to say so they just left. We left a bit later, it never got better from management or owners, The tension that was set by upper management at minimum wage is not worth it to us.

    Did you receive any special benefits or perks while workamping? : FHU


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