Lincoln/Woodstock KOA  

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Organization Type:Public
Org./Park Name:Lincoln/Woodstock KOA
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    Date of Review: 07-30-2020

    Hours worked per week/person: 20 to 30 hours

    Organization Type: Public

    Job Title: Maintenance/Houskeeping/Officr

    Did you receive Wages or Stipend ?: Yes

    Please share your comments about your experience : We were promised in our contract $10.00 an hour as is was written and agreed upon verbally and written. We were also promised the same hours with same days off and at least 2 consecutive days off each week. That did not happen. Some weeks we worked 10 days straight seperate hours. We only got pay stubs once a month, which after the first month realized they were paying us only 9.00 an hour. One week on a 30 hour week, we were payed only 20.00 that had to be straightened out. They said they offered free laundry, but then dictated when and where and how much laundry could be done. Everything that was done was micromanaged to the extreme. So many games were played it wasnt funny. The schedule for the week changed daily. It was during, Covid, and it was beyond themselves to take any precautions. Also they let anyone and everyone in from any state when it was restricyed to NH only. Five of their workcampers left within a month time span because of the way we were treated. Not once we were told we were doing a great job, we were always met with criticism. Its not a place we will ever return to again. Upon leaving they stated they would pay us back pay on all the hours they didnt pay us for. That did not happen either. Not surprised with the incredible greed of these people.


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