Spring Creek Campground & Trout Ranch  

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Organization Type:Private
Org./Park Name:Spring Creek Campground & Trout Ranch
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    Date of Review: 01-18-2019

    Hours worked per week/person: 30 to 40 hours

    Organization Type: Private

    Job Title: Office and Grounds

    Did you receive Wages or Stipend ?: Yes

    Please share your comments about your experience : Spring Creek Campground and Trout Ranch, Big Timber, MT May-Sept 2017. Our third year as Workampers; this was our worst WK experience. Although offered future manager jobs, we will NOT return. Here's why. Duties: Inside Person: check in RVs, phone calls, Campground Master software, cash register/credit card machine, clean office, restrooms, laundry room and cabins. Outside Person: plant/maintain gardens, park RVs, clean fish, clean fire pits, honey wagon service, grounds maintenance, feed fish, monitor ponds and people fishing, monitor bathrooms for paper and clogs, water lawns with pump and hose systems (lift 35 pounds), equipment maintenance, general security, run errands, deliver firewood to sites. Compensation: FHU site, laundry allowance, Wi-Fi, use of freezer, total value $772/month in exchange for 22 hrs/wk worked per couple. Remaining hrs paid @ $9/hr. Owner was very agreeable, paid us monthly, provided WK Agreement, issued 1099 as requested, and gave end-of-season (drive home) bonus monies. Owner (offsite) pleased with our performance and asked us to return as future managers after current mgs contract ends in 2018. Park Conditions: 65 sites, thirteen FHUs with 50/30 amp; 20 river sites next to the Boulder River with 50/30 amp/water. Beautiful setting, although the river caused Spring Creek to rise, which flooded 40% of the park for several weeks. Restrooms at office were very outdated, but remodeled during height of season. Wi-Fi extremely poor to non-existent throughout park (part of our benefits), so we bought hotspot, or went into town. Frequent long-term power outages throughout park. Dryers always broken, dried too hot, and we had many guest complaints. Large dryer displayed sign "temporarily not working" the entire summer. WKs had to go to town to dry at own expense. Manager's response: use the solar power dryer (clothesline) and made no attempt to get them fixed. Concerns: 1st WK couple left after 3 days due to manager. Took replacement 1 month to arrive. Managers required us to work 5 days and split shift on Fridays. Both Mgrs are heavy smokers, and drank on duty; encouraged WK to drink during shift (contract w/owner stated we would "not consume alcohol or become intoxicated while on duty") Mgrs response: We are the managers and XXX (owner) doesn't have any control over what goes in here; we are the boss! Male manager constantly changed directions to WK, gave poor instructions on new tasks and never provided any positive feedback or compliments on quality of work. We reported kids running through the park brandishing automatic weapons (not marked as toys)--Manager said not to worry. We reported toddlers running through park roads and near ponds unattended--Manager said not to worry. Posted signs in park stated otherwise. Woman manager was extremely pleasant and patient while teaching Campground Master computer system, store ops and campground rules. Constantly apologized for husband's "sense of humor" but told us to get used to it. Male manager was extremely challenging to work with and appeared intoxicated most days. Often made demeaning/degrading remarks towards and about women. Here's some examples of male manager comments we witnessed: All these kids are just little monkeys. Here's how Girls use toilet paper. Let me show you the "Toilet Seat Dance" and how campers have a BM, wipe themselves and then break the seat. Where is XXX (my fellow Workamper)? Why are they using that bathroom? Why not come to the office to use this bathroom? Hit that woman with a 2x4 to get her inline (response to woman guest in cabin complaining about fishing rules) The outside person was responsible for gardens and ponds. Told WK “you’re the expert and know what to do, so take care of it”. Then constantly complained about how plants were watered and fertilized but WK tried our best to comply. Mgr accused us of "stealing his bacon" and took one of ours; he later found his and replaced ours with a substandard brand. Manager required WKs to water/mow around our site (fellow WK actually mowed both sites). We purchased a 50’ hose from Costco & sprinklers; 2 days before we were to depart, Mgr came to our site, removed the hose, stating it was his. We complained; he admitted it wasn’t his, but took the hose anyway to use at his house. When Mgr finally he returned hose, we were fired (1 day before completing our contract) for demanding our hose be returned. Owner did pay us for our full contract.

    Did you receive any special benefits or perks while workamping? : Colored quarters for laundry (dryers didn't work or get repaired). Used freezer and mgr stole our bacon. Owner paid for trip home after manager fired us without cause.


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