Lake Charles East/Iowa KOA  

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Organization Type:Public
Org./Park Name:Lake Charles East/Iowa KOA
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  • 3.0Review Rating

    Date of Review: 12-13-2019

    Hours worked per week/person: Less than 20 hours

    Organization Type: Public

    Job Title: Reservation Clerk

    Did you receive Wages or Stipend ?: No

    Please share your comments about your experience : We started a workamping job in Iowa,Louisiana in Sept this year. The owner and people that works for him are very pleasant people. Park is a nice park and very clean. We really enjoyed our time there but did have one issue.. They start the change over to a KOA while we were there. They had to go to Montana to KOA corporate offices for 8 days. We came to an agreement to work all hours park was open those 8 days plus man phones 24/7 and check in after hour guest plus handle any issues that arise. We were promised a certain amount of pay for hours minus 20 hours for site. We were told it could be upwards of 80 hours. The single workamper was not doing job so my husband had to fo his job so KOA would not walk into a mess. We clocked in only hours we worked for 8 days. They did not keep the agreement. Paid us 60% of what owed after waiting almost 5 weeks. They also did not count hours we trained to learn K2 the week they got back.We trained 2 1/2 days They said that was training we wanted. Well that was training we had to know to do job. They deducted that 20 hours off the pay as if we did not work the week after they were back and all were training. We always helped where needed. My husband helped put up Dog park, repaired AC/Heat in office, repaired Travel Trailer electrical issues that they use as a rental, repaired locks on Travel trailer,worked on power poles after hours and other guest issues. This was things done while in park that was not even on the clock. They said oh we appreciate that. I feel talk is cheap. We felt they did not live up to what they agreed to. 8 days means office open 64 hours. But there was other things done where both of us had to work at same time. As said above,we loved the park. We loved working there. We felt very unappreciated after all we did. If they lived up to the agreement,we would still be there. Evangeline Oaks RV Park "New name- Lake Charles East/Iowa KOA" Would I recommend this park? Yes. Just work your 20 hours nothing more and enjoy. It's a great park for longterm or overnight. We just could not stay after they backed out of what was agreed on and said they felt we fluffed the hours. We were only workampers in park while they were gone. The single workamper just disappeared on us. We were on call 24/7 for 8 days. We resigned our position Dec 8th after they did not live up to what agreed and comments that were hurtful. I gave a 3 star because until issue it was a fun place to work. We thought they knew us better. I would of lived to worked it out but we were basically called a liar.

    Did you receive any special benefits or perks while workamping? : Laundry money.


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