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Organization Type:Private
Org./Park Name:Jellystone Park of Black Canyon
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    Date of Review: 05-12-2020

    Hours worked per week/person: Less than 20 hours

    Organization Type: Private

    Job Title: work camper

    Did you receive Wages or Stipend ?: No

    Please share your comments about your experience : My Husband and I were hired by retired marine Tom Vail back in Oct. 2019. We arrived on April 1,2020 at the Montrose-san Juan Rv resort the new name of the former yogi bear park. After we arrived and setting up camp, Tom decides to ride back and tell us that we could not have the ex pen set up for our dog on site and then my husband says wait a minute, we asked you this back on our phone interview and your said yes. It took a conversation between my husband & Tom to come up with a twisted dog stake into ground for our dog. They give work campers a week to get settled in before beginning to work to get acclimated. We got our 1 st week of training with assistant mangers named Robin & Kirby who are super nice! At this time frame due to the covid 19 the park is not busy. the wife of Tom Vail named Kay is very nosey and would ask Robin why are Bill & Cindy going out of the park everyday? Robin would not reply. Tom & Kay have this rule you are NOT allowed to leave park for no reason on your scheduled work days. There is always 2 sets of work campers working same days. Tom & Kay Vail have made this park with so many rules and I would love to know what rules are Toms and what rules are the park owners named Mr. Bill Barber who lives in Denver. Tom also has his rule of not allowing any campers to check in on Sundays and not sure if Mr. Barber knows or agrees with this rule. After getting trained by Robin & Kirby we are now ready to begin our schedule of working with Tom & Kay Mon, Tues, Wed. Men work outside always and women inside office along with cleaning of restrooms, cabins and laundry. Now comes the negative issues I have: When working with Kay in the office she looks to find fault with whatever in office. As a new employee I DO NOT think it right for her to criticize or complain of her assistant manager in front of me which was decision made by Kay & Tom having assistant managers to take over. Tom & Kay live in their Rv and park model right there at front entrance of park. Kay will sit there in there in the window to watch constantly and whatever she sees she will call, text or use the the walkie talkie to ask on. Kinda makes me think of the Bates Motel motel movie where the old lady sits and window and watches. On a wed. morning I am working with Robin in the morning and we're in office getting things going. I'm counting the cash drawer and the phone rings which is the park owner and I can't hear him and lost call. We had a power outage on previous day which we think fried the cordless phones. Robin assistant manager is trying to figure out what is gong as the phone as the phone rings again and it shows the the park owner Mr. Barber and we answer and no way of talking. Then Kay is texting Robin and because Robin doesn't answer her back right away Kay is now riding on golf cart over to office. I see this and I ask Robin if she would like for me to go and start the cleaning and she replies yes. On this Wed. day, we have guests coming to view the park since it up for sale. As I'm on my way out from office , Kay is coming and supposedly said morning to me and I didn't quite hear all that good. I proceed to my thing on the cleaning. Once I get done with my cleaning jobs I then back to office to turn in my checklist sheets. kay & Robin still in there since the early morning. Then I get approached by Kay what is my case when she said good morning and if i'm having a crabby day? I said Kay, I didn't quite hear you and I needed to get going on cleaning right away, as we have these potential buyers coming in any moment and trying to get things done. Then Kay proceeds to say well that is no reason why you couldn't talk with me and asking me why I'm avoiding her? So no it comes out from me and I say Kay. There is a whole lot building up with me and I don't like the way things are going around here. One issue comes up with the 3 of us there in office is about this place for sale of how Kay gripped to me at the beginning of the week (monday) when she showed on the the computer to open up this email that was addressed to robin from owner or realtor of this sale business and how Tom and her should have been told on these buyers coming to look at campground and that Tom had egg all over his face not knowing what is going on? I said to Kay maybe Robin was busy or forgot and then Kay said no excuse. Then Kay decides to take tone with me and then placing her hand on hip and said this is none of business! I wish I would of thought to say to Kay yeah, just like it NONE OF YOUR business when my husband and I are going out of the park, which I did not say. Another thing Kay does is when the owner if park calls into office she answers the phone to address park owner Mr. Barber by saying Hello Crabby which is not professional in my opinion and in front of new employees. Kay is hard to work with and as I said she looks to find fault with things. If you decide to ever work here, I would suggest you record your phone interview conversation to reflect back on like what I described at the beginning of this. If and when Robin and Kirby take over a full mangers we will consider to come back and work. But while Tom & Kay here, NO WAY! If you think to read reviews of this site and RV park reviews, all the negative remarks were submitted by guests/employees CREATED by Tom & Kay. Make sure you find out who is running the park and in charge for sure!!!

    Did you receive any special benefits or perks while workamping? : no.


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    -- Cindy