Whispers Ranch B-n-B & Animal Sanctuary  

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Organization Type:Public
Org./Park Name:Whispers Ranch B-n-B & Animal Sanctuary
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  • 4.0Review Rating

    Date of Review: 04-27-2020

    Hours worked per week/person: 20 to 30 hours

    Organization Type: Public

    Job Title: Volunteer

    Did you receive Wages or Stipend ?: No

    Please share your comments about your experience : If you love being around animals and the outdoors, this is the place. For volunteers, there are morning & evening chores and some helping clean at the adjacent BnB. There is plenty of time during the day to get out for hiking, birdwatching or checking some of the many historical sites nearby, or just relaxing. Toni is super cautious of the folks she accepts, so expect a lot of questions. It is definitely physical labor as you are hauling bales of hay and buckets of feed and wheelbarrows of manure during chores, but hey, saves you from paying to go to the gym! The horses and other animals are so sweet to be around. I was there in Feb and March, so nights were high desert cold but days were comfortable and perfect for hiking. The starry nights were amazing too. The wifi situation was fine as she had it set up right by the RV lots. I hope to go back again!

    Did you receive any special benefits or perks while workamping? : Sometimes we got the extra vegan delicious food she prepared for her food truck, YUM!


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    -- Diane